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We stand for a healthy art market free of corruption that will expand and flourish, benefiting everyone

People are afraid of the Art Market, seeing it as too risky and full of fraud. The technologies of blockchain, NFTs, AI, big data, and multi-spectral imaging are all here today. The time is now to use them for good and create trust in art. Authentify Art is building a trusted data platform that will benefit the entire art eco-system.

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Our Principles

By following the core principles of democracy we can fix the corrupt art market and allow it to flourish.  The steps to build a healthy art market are the same as building true democracy, and the tools that make it possible are relatively new.  What is missing is a movement to demand that we take back what should be accessible to everyone.  This is literally the history, present and future of our culture.

Image by Richard Balog


Universal participation where everyone can access a level playing field

The art market should be open to everyone, not just millionaires, and billionaires. And the best artists should no longer be selected by an elite academy. Everyone is on the same level playing field with transparency and access to all the relevant data

A Better Tomorrow


There is accountability where good behavior is rewarded and bad is punished

The Art World should reward truth tellers and good citizens while liars and crooks should be removed and punished. A scored rating system for accountability and incentives for good behavior

Image by Markus Winkler


Trust is built when facts and truth matter and corruption is eliminated

Efficient markets have rules and are well regulated.  Corruption costs everybody, especially the least empowered.  Technology can secure facts and truth while removing cheaters and offenders from a legitmate ecosystem

We will use the technology of the 2020's for good to build ethical ecosystems and markets that provide Access, Accountability, and Trust. This will lead to a much larger healthy marketplace and art will finally become the next great asset class! The time is now.

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Love the Earth

Join The Movement

#StandUpForArt is working to make the art world a safe and trusted place where art thrives. 

Stand up and join us. Demand change. Support our Mission.

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Founding Members

Technology Companies Working Towards a Better Art World

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Support Our Mission

Help Power the #StandUpForArt Movement

You can help in many ways, including sharing our hashtag and website, evangelizing our message,  recruiting artists and activists, and last but not least fundraising in any way.

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